144 MHz on Sakhalin  

My first 144 MHz QSO was in 1992, 10 years ago - thanks to my great friends Masami Miya , JH8IMF and Yumiko Miya, JH8QIO from Nemuro city, Hokkaido. And it was field day operation from mountain Medika (QN16kv), near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, about 600 meters above sea level. I was suprised - strong signals, high quality, no any interference. Very first QSO was with JG8NON from Rishiri Island, FM mode. During next Field Day from same point I even had QSO with JH8ZIN using handheld DJ-500X with whip antenna! Every year I tried to operate from mountains near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, usually it is mountain Kolkhoznaya (QN16hw), 142 meters above sea level.
My home location is QN16ix. For 2 meters band I am using Kenwood TR-751 with 50 Watts HL-62V and 2x10 el Yagi. Actually, I am using the same gear for field days (just moving transceiver from my home).
Many times I caught Es, I worked with all Japan call areas, my JCC-144 MHz score now is 116 cities in 30 prefectures. It is exciting - oftenly, when you catch Es, you have pile-up like in HF contest, up to 100 QSO in one hour! I am proud of my awards: AJD 144 MHz and JCC-100 144 MHz. I also have about 30 QSO with Korea on 2 meters.


1992 - first QSOs on 144 MHz, all FM mode
1993 - during my business trip to Kunashiri Island I was active using callsign UA0FL/p on 2 meters with hendheld IC-2S from QN23uw, QN24wa, QN23sr and had many QSO with JA8
1993 - first FM QSO on 430 MHz. They were JG8FXP, JI8IXK and JR8ORC
1994 - first time I have caught Es opening. First Es QSO was with JJ2GUY
1996 - first QSO with Korea (HL4GUW, DS5TXM and DS5UUW). Later in 1999 I had 19 QSO with Korean amateurs during 1 hour on 144 MHz. Awarded by AJD 144 Mhz.
1999 - first SSB OSO on 430 MHz (JH8HQA/8), first JA7 on 430 MHz (JR7ICP from Aomori)
2000 - awarded by JCC-100 144 MHz
2001 - JA7, JA0 and JA1 on 430 MHz SSB
2004 - my JCC score is 145 cities on 144 MHz

In 1992 there were only few stations QRV on VHF here: me, RA0FW, UA0FH, RK0FWA. Now there are few dozens guys, operating 2 meters band, mostly FM mode. And about ten can operate SSB, most active is Victor, UA0FH. We have VHF repeater here in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (145.05/145.65) and you can try to monitor 145.65 FM to catch opening to Sakhalin.

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