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Hi! My name is Nickolay Sustavov.
Amateur radio is just my hobby. I have started in 1972 as SWL (UA0-153-37). In 1976 I have got my first callsign UA9OFJ when I was a student of Novosibirsk Institute of Communication and enjoyed amateur radio as UK9OAW (club station) operator. In 1979 I have got next callsign on Sakhalin (UA0FDY). Now I have first class license, can operate all bands, all modes. My HF gear are: YAESY FT-ONE and ALINCO DX-70 (all HF bands + 50 MHz). So I can also monitor 6 meters band (now in Rusia 6 meters band are not allowed for amateur radio use). But actually I am very much interesting in VHF/UHF DXing. That is why this web-page is about VHF/UHF only.

At the end of 2004 I left Sakhalin for Moscow, so probably you may meet me on the air as UA0FL/3, of course on 144/430 MHz.

I am keeping this web-page for your information as a part of VHF/UHF activity history on Sakhalin. Suppose to update "Hot News" page with my first immpression on VHF/UHF activity in Moscow area.

OK, finally I''ve got it in 2008 - RL3BL is my new callsign here in Moscow! Suppose to QRV from KO85vg (small village near Domodedovo, Moscow region) on VHF/UHF - hopefully starting June 2010.

Starting from September, 16, 2010 my new callsign is R3BL

Sincerely yours,
Nickolay Sustavov, R3BL ex UA 0 FL

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